I’m feeling a little emotional about this blog lately. My domain name expires in 11 days and I wonder if I should bother renewing it. I have loved writing in this blog, I have loved sharing the adventure of the past year in speaking and competing and all else that it has entailed. I have gained a lot from the interaction and feedback of friends and strangers and in the exploration and writing itself.

Regularly writing reminded me of how much I had missed and loved writing in the past- how freeing it was! Alas! lol! I haven’t had much time for poor “Year In The Life” at all. In fact it’s been 18 days since my last post. But it was, after all, only a YEAR in the life and that year is nearly over. It seems apropos to put it to rest on that final day.

I’ll have a blog at Head Start Public Speaking For Kids when the site is ready but it will be primarily an informative blog- helping kids learn the ropes about public speaking. It won’t be the wonderful pouring-out-of-the-soul that much of the past year has been.

I’ll also be writing articles for 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking Ryan Avery’s site  http://howtobeaspeaker.com/ an amazing and exciting opportunity, but again, not the nourishing kind of writing that heals me. (Funny, isn’t it? I began this 365 day journey partly because of the inspiration of Ryan Avery and his win – and a year later I’m working with him.)

Getting Head Start Public Speaking For Kids together has taken all of my spare time . It has been the busiest summer of my life. And every penny I have earned this summer has gone into this, rather than paying down our debt as was our initial plan.
But plans change and opportunity doesn’t just always knock, sometimes it kicks down your door and says “Hey! Where’s the party?” and you really can’t ignore that kind of an entrance. It’s right up my alley.
Although I am exhausted from sitting on my behind in front of this computer all summer and although I know WAY more about WordPress than I ever wanted to know and although the launch date is getting closer and there’s just a little bit of fear creeping in, I am almost as excited as I was just before Meaghan was born.
Like that time, a whole new world is about to begin no matter WHAT happens and my life is going to CHANGE big time. And not just mine, but Lloyd and Meaghan’s too. A little bit of fear? Maybe a little more than a little.

Maybe a couple of times I’ve woken up sweating in the middle of the night thinking “Oh my God, what if nobody signs up????????”
But I’m advertising, and talking it up and I’m putting the energy out there and expecting good things to happen. I haven’t been prayin’ much and that’s something I do need to do.
The bottom line is I have something very very good and enhancing and life-changing to offer and I’m offering it at a fair and reasonable price and I am willing to give away pieces of my heart and soul to these children to make sure they find their voices so they can change THEIR worlds. And ours too.
So maybe I’ll write about the new adventure. It merits documentation, I think!  Why the heck not? A Year In the Life of a Public Speaking Teacher.
It’s 10 days till the big dance in Cincinnatti and I ain’t got no shoes because I’m giving kids a Head Start instead.
You know, I had this fantasy about the shoes I was going to wear on the big stage in Cincinnatti.

ever the shoe girl

ever the shoe girl

They were going to be ruby slippers- high heeled of course- anyone who knows me knows I gotta have my heels.  I found a pair on the internet.  I was going to buy them if I made Cincy.  I even put a picture of the shoes in the collage I created – the Cinncinatti Championship Collage.

the Mona Lisa of my bedroom

this is still above my bed

But the yellow brick road deliberately stopped short of the Emerald Cincinnatti City with a sign that says:
You Alone Are Enough. You Have Nothing To Prove To Anybody.

And it’s true.

If I was going to Cincinnatti, Head Start would not be happening. And I feel completely at peace about the outcome.  It feels right.  I am happy.
But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to dance in Malaysia in 2014.   Because you know, I’d really LOOOOVE to wear those shoes.