TED (conference)

By noon today, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that it took a great deal of energy for me NOT to walk down to the Powell River beachfront and have a REALLY good long power sob.

As it turned out, I held it down to a few sniffly tears because of social constraints, although I believe it would have been healthier and more honest to let it all go.

In any case, I heard God speaking to me all morning long using many different voices and my heart was touched very deeply.   Here are some stream-of-consciousness snippets of things that travelled through my brain and managed to seep into my heart at TEDx Powell River:

The opposite of war is art. (never stop creating truth and beauty)

Where there is judgement there can be no inspiration.  (keep your heart open)

There is a big difference between motivation and inspiration.  (do versus be)

Know your values.  (value your values)

The lizard brain always judges and is never satisfied.  ( I still live very much in my 3 year old lizard brain)

Remember to remember.  ( tough one)

Wake up to my inspiration and values.  (trying…do or do not; there is no try)

Little victories shape our character.  (they are gold dust)

Examine your motivations.   (doing)

Pray for a homeless man in Toronto with the initials J.C.   (coincidence?  i think not)

For Christ’s sake, someone help.  (yes, for Christ’s sake, do it)

There has to be a better way to be a better human being.  (see all above)

“Touch” is from the latin “Tocare” which means ‘to strike a bell’.  Touching another person, truly touching them, resonates truth inside both of you.

DON’T KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.  (be vulnerable)

Estrangement is our illness.  (be vulnerable to give others strength and courage)

Stand close to the people who frighten you.  (be vulnerable to teach others how to be vulnerable)

Beauty is nature’s protection.  We protect what we fall in love with.  (love more)

Oh.  (your attention is caught)

My.  (connection to your soul)

God.  (connection to God)

This is not just another day.  This day is a gift, GIVEN to you.  And the only appropriate response is GRATITUDE.  (strengthen me Lord)

The more you invest in a relationship, the more people will forgive you.  (good thing for this one)

the truth that comes out of people when they laugh is beautiful.   (Amen, hallelujah)

Put determination ahead of fear.   (more yes than no)

Write out loud.   (hello???!!!)

Tell someone how great they are.   (thanks Mrs. Gorski)

You look lovely.  Like a spring goddess.  ( cherry on top)

Friends.  Love.  Truth.  Challenge.  Gratitude.  Family.





I assume a LOT that God knows I need about a ton of humility and is always ready to teach me a new lesson. But man, I need to get down on my FACE for this one because I wasn’t sure it was EVER gonna come.

The idea.

For The Big Speech.

It came.

It just showed up tonight.

It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.  It’s funny.  It’s fun.  It’s emotional.  It excites me.  It’s something that is very meaningful to me.  It is a truly worthy and universal message that others can relate to.

And get this:

I came up with my “What do you want the audience to do, think or feel when you are finished?” BEFORE I WROTE A WORD.


I am not that good.  This is what I call Divine Inspiration.  I am a character in a story and the pen being used to write it.

I am happy.  Oh GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s 11:20 p.m.  The burning question now is:  how the heck am I gonna get to sleep NOW??????!!!!!!!!!    LOL