Lance Miller and I at TLI- getting some of that Champ vibe

Lance Miller and I at TLI- getting some of that Champ vibe

I sent some speech feedback to our Toastmasters District Champion last night. A few weeks ago, we had a big Officer Training session where Lance Miller (2005 World Champion) was our special guest (it was inspiringly awesome!) and our Champ gave his District winning speech and the speech he hopes to take to the finals.

I video’ed his speeches and sent him the links to them as I know how much it helps to see oneself. I felt a faint stir in my bones, one I recognized as the wish that I was the one working on my speeches for Cincinnatti.

To be honest, I thought my speech, “I Love You” was as good as his (though my presentation needed a lot of work) and I would have loved to be on the District stage with him. I would have loved the challenge of putting together a second speech as well. But alas! I may just have a life-changing career instead!!!!!! I look forward to watching him via the internet at the finals. He has worked very hard to get here.

I have been tooling around with my humorous speech- one that was written by accident when I was working with Rich Hopkins. I wasn’t going to compete but come ON! Who am I KIDDING?????? It’s written already so what the hell. My membership to World Champion’s Edge runs out in one month so I am going to fire it off to them for a $50 evaluation from a Champ. I think I’m going to let my membership lapse after that. I think it was a good investment for the year however.

Spent last week camping with my family so I worked on NOTHING all week. In fact I read 2 full novels and 3 National Geographics. it was awesome. But we’re back to the grindstone this week. Lots of work to do. I still have to register Head Start as a business, finish curriculum, website, get business cards made, a banner, supplies, talk about advertising etc. SO! Even though a part of me wished I was working on my World Championship speech last night, I was thoroughly satisfied that I am stepping into my future in the right place and time. I am happy.