I feel freed.  My responsibilities are being met so I am FREE to explore my life to find the message that I would like to impart in the world.  Structure gives me such freedom in so many ways.  In my faith, my parenting, and my speechwriting.  Freedom isn’t running all over the place like an idiot, yelling your head off, it’s having the luxury of time to contemplate wisdom and put it into action in the ways you know to be best.  I am grateful for the profound luxury, not available to many the world over.

I am excited that Meg and I are almost upon our school break (and believe me, so is she!).  I am excited that my Toastmasters club is taking 2 weeks off over
Christmas too so I can have a short break from presidenting.  I am excited that I am free to work on The Big Speech- no matter if it is my Keynote or my International or a fusion of both.  I am excited by my life…even during PMS.

I played chess today for the first time in 12 years!  My daughter and I played chess.  She has been bugging me and bugging me to play with her and I kept saying no because I couldn’t quite remember how to do it but I thought “bugger it”, printed out a little sheet reminding me of how the pieces move and we played 3 games.  And I can’t TELL you how much fun we had.  I felt FREE with my little girl today and she said “We had a good day, didn’t we mum?”

Oh how I live to hear those words.  How they make my heart soar.  How they set me free.