My husband and I have a little landscaping outfit we call “Garden Monk Landscaping”.  He’s the monk.  I’m the grunt.  In the summer, I mow a LOT of lawns.  I loathe my mowing days.  Truly.

However, there is an excellent advantage to mindless repetitive work and that is you have time to THINK.  I always carry my little tape recorder with me where ever I go but I find most of my ideas come to me:

a)  Just after I’ve gotten in to bed, shut out the light and am trying to go to sleep

b)  while I’m mowing the lawns


Well, I’ll tell you, it has NOT been pretty for these past few days trying to figure out what in the world I’m going to write my NEW and IMPROVED humorous speech about and make sure my audience goes HOME with some sort of universal principle.  I just thought we were supposed to crack people up.  CURSE.

The club humorous speech contest is on Septemeber 19.

I’ve been wringing my brain out for possible ideas with MEANING….that I can do, but to make meaning REALLY FUNNY in 2 weeks is freaking me out and ticking me off.  I don’t feel like I”m in the right frame of mind anymore.  I’m not quitting.  I will not quit.

Today while mowing, I may have come up with an idea…it has possibilities but IS IT SOLID ENOUGH to be a FOUNDATION???????   ARRRGHGHGHGHGHGH!@!!!!

I need to get to work.  PRAY!!!!