I’m bookending my day with Toastmasters tomorrow.  I’m going to bed soon since I have to get up at 5:30 am to make their crazy 7:00 am start at Gibsons Morningstars Toastmasters.  It’s pajama day there so I won’t have to do much to get ready.

After my presentation there, Meg and I will book around town a bit, come home, do school, get ready properly and do it all again at 6:00 PM with MY club, Sunshine Toastmasters.  The things I do for love.

I was seriously swimming in nostalgia today, all those old journals were bringing up such memories.  Old friends that I had forgotten existed, songs I had forgotten I loved, stories I had forgotten that happened.

I downloaded a few old tunes today….I was missing dancing very much, not stripping, not all the bullshit that went along with that crappy job, but dancing.  It was one of the very few things I loved about my old job: the ability to express myself through dance.  The clubs were dark places- you reached for beauty where ever you could.

When I danced, no matter where I was, the staff used to stop and watch me.  The waitresses would put their trays down and light a smoke.  Fact:  I was transcendant in dance because I really used it to give my energy to the world.  I felt absolutely invisible, hurt, abused, pissed off and sometimes giddy.   In dance, I knew I could change the atmosphere.  I used my dance to give myself away, to expell all that negative, to express my fiercely guarded  hope.   Paradoxically, while the job chipped away at my soul, the dance kept me sane for 15 years when I had every reason to go the other way.  It was a source of joy and release.  Of relief.  I really missed just being in the dance so I wailed around to Tori Amos in my kitchen for an hour today.  I haven’t done that in a really long time.  It felt amazing.

Deutsch: Straight Flush beim Poker

Deutsch: Straight Flush beim Poker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to try and keep this short as Meg and I want to get up early and go running together.  In order for us to do this, get cleaned up, have breakfast and private prayer time AND start school by 9, I need to get up at least at 7:00.  Therefore I need to get my ass to bed.

Today I worked on the ‘new’ version of The Speech.  I Avery Drilled it in Gibsons again.  Not even a little bit scary this time which was kind of disappointing because that initial thrill was like the one time I ever went to Vegas and got a straight flush.  I knew I had to walk away after that hand or I was going down for life.  lol

Tomorrow  (which is now today as it is past midnight) I will be giving The Speech again for my home club and having round robin evaluations.  These are some of the most valuable tools a speaker can have.  Hoping I can remember the new parts and hoping I will step up and SPEAK like I really mean it.

Speaking of our home club, everyone seems to be abandoning ship on me and I’m beginning to wonder if my deodorant isn’t working.  We have been getting a lot of guests lately, we just need said guests to become MEMBERS.  Tomorrow (today) we have a husband and wife team coming for a visit.  It would be great to get a 2 for 1 deal.

Ok, so the speech is out there.  I’ve done it twice.  I may as well tell you what it’s about.  It’s about people who talk too much.  (Gen X alert!  (did you hear Run DMC when you read that? )


This speech actually comes from a painful place.  I have a dear friend who talks so much, she has no idea what has gone on in my life or anyone else’s life for that matter, for a very long time.  She hasn’t even heard how I did in the International speech finals in Harrison Hot Springs yet.  HELLO!  That was back in MAY!!!!!!!!!

I wish I was exaggerating but I’m not.

Everyone knows someone like this so it’s a gold mine for laughs.  It’s also a great place to CONNECT with people because it’s so universal.

I’ve watched both versions of the speech I did last week and I’ve seen that there is a place that I thought was pretty damned funny but I seem to be the only person who thinks so.  Therefore, I need to do something about that.

I’ve tweaked it, changed an entire paragraph and I hope it’s better than before.  I also lost what I realized was a redundant sentence, giving me more time for VALUABLE PAUSES which I just seemed to trip right over in BOTH speeches.  SHEESH.  I’ve been waiting for Meg to go to sleep so I can drill it out loud.

Spent almost all day yesterday working on homeschool stuff and felt AMAZING to be organized again.  I REALLY like to be organized.  It makes me anxious for things to be scattered and not neatly piled into the places that they should be.

Today was our first day of COMPLETE school- all of our classes.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be- it’s just timely.  I really will need to be disciplined to do the things I want to do – eg.  be a great homeschooling mom, be a good Toastmasters President and be the World Champ.  Being a good wife is pretty easy with a good husband.

Couldn’t drill the speech most of  today since I took Meaghan to her 1st home school group of the year today.  And fyi, there were more kids in this group than there are in the nearest elementary school.  Pretty interesting eh?

Meg had voice lessons after that so I had half an hour on my own.  I was in downtown Gibsons and the idea passed through my mind and hovered for a millisecond until I grabbed it.

What Ryan Avery, this year’s champ did to drill his speech really intrigued me and I think it’s brilliant.  I knew it would be something beneficial to me, if I had the guts to do it, as I feel very self-conscious sometimes.  Avery drilled his speech EVERYWHERE.  In malls, in prison, underwater, you name it.  He said if he could do the speech in uncomfortable, distracting places, doing it at the World’s shouldn’t be a problem.

So, I thought, well, I need to go find a place to drill this speech.  I drove down the street and found a nice sized patch of grass beside the sidewalk across the street from the library.  So, I did my speech right there.

And people walked by, and yes, it was distracting.  I felt TOTALLY self conscious and felt pretty sure I looked like a crazy person talking to myself.  It was hard concentrating and I forgot where I was in my speech several times.

I finished though and I thought “it’s not busy enough here.  It’s not HARD enough.  It’s not scary enough.  How bad do you want it Paula?” 

So I crossed the road and went up on the bloody hill for all the world to see (didn’t Harrison write a song called “The Fool on the Hill“? )  found a nice patch of goose poo-less grass, took a deep breath and did it.  Without reservations.

It was bleeping AMAZING.  It was a rush unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  It was, in a word, thrilling.  People looked at me strangely; I kept going.  They stopped and watched.  I kept going.  Even when some guy walked by with his dog and asked me “Hey, are you ok?”  I was OK!  I laughed like a maniac, but I was OK!

I have to tell you, I can’t WAIT to do this again.  I can’t wait to see how truly foolish I am willing to look.  (Insert incredibly easy joke here.)

I am coining the term now.  Let it be known that I did so.  Avery developed the technique, therefore I am naming it after him.  This kind of scary Kamakaze speech drilling shall heretofore be known as “Avery Drilling“.

It’s past midnight so the club contest is TONIGHT.



Last night was a rough night.  I got about 4 hours sleep and had to get up early for church.  I’ve also been suffering with some mysterious back pain for 28 days straight now.  And Meg shared her cold with me so I was not feeling too hot today.  But the drilling must be done!

Because yes folks, The Speech is written.  You know, you can’t help but still tweak it here and there but it is done.  Until I get some more feedback after the first contest anyway.

I am very happy with it and I am excited about sharing it.  I am in two contests this week.  The first is my club contest on Wednesday and the second is my humorous club contest on Friday in the big smoke, Vancouver.  It’s great to be able to get to do it twice as I can see what worked and what didn’t.

About drilling:  Got some excellent advice from Lance (I almost wrote Armstrong, whoops!!!) Miller, 2005 World Champ.  He advised to drill the speech in a variety of voices and also to SAY.  EACH. WORD.  LIKE.  THIS.

That drill turned a 7 minute speech into a 22 minute speech- TOUGH drill but very effective.  The next time I did it, I remembered the whole thing.  World Champions Edge continues to kick ass.

Ok, back to normal tomorrow- what a crazy crazy week I have coming up.  I’m exceedingly proud of myself for being in bed before midnight.  Of course it’s quite difficult to sleep with a computer on your lap, so, good night!

Never a dull moment.