Sunshine Toastmasters had it’s first meeting of the fall yesterday and I actually laughed until I cried.  I couldn’t keep my eyeliner on.  Our jokemaster could barely get the words out, she was laughing so hard and of course, that set all of us off even harder. Laughter through tears is my favourite emotion. 🙂

Intermittently, I was kind of annoyed though.   Kind of?   More like pretty pissed.  I’m a redhead.  I don’t do emotions half way.

I was pretty pissed that we had spent half of our remaining budget on putting an ad in the paper, we’d put some flyers up and our VP Membership went and started us a Facebook page (yay!)!/SunshineToastmasters

and not a single guest showed up.   I had what I thought was a pretty cool speech to open up the year with and set the tone too.

Our theme was “We’re off to see the Wizard“.  I talked about how the Wizard of Oz reminds me of TM in that it’s an exciting, colourful journey into the unknown with good friends by our side. Friends with Brains, Heart and a whole lot of Courage.  Much like Sunshine Toastmasters.

I talked about how even signing UP for TM shows a Lion’s share of courage and of course BRAINS that you have done so, which you will continue to exercise in many new ways.

And finally, I talked about how TM is an investment of the heart and that you will make friends for life here. And when you meet people in the world and find out that they also call Toastmasters their home, you will feel a special connection to them. Because we all know….there’s no place like home.

Anyway, I thought it was so damn good I almost made myself cry writing it and my awesome Toastmasters who bothered to show up were pretty amazing and really appreciated the effort I put into my welcome back speech.

Ok.  Whine complete.

I also have to say that our Table Topics Master outdid herself last night. I don’t know how she’ll ever top herself.  She brought in props for the Wizard of Oz movie, including, and I don`t know how she did it, but a pair of RUBY SLIPPERS. Pretty.  Impressive.  We all took turns being the Wizard and granting people`s wishes.  BTW, didja know that the tin man has a thing for Dorothy?

Anyway I just have to say that I am pretty thrilled and incredibly relieved and happy about our executive this year, they are taking things seriously and are all more than competent.  I think it’s going to be a great year.

AND!  Today I did this much work on my speech:   0

Life happens too you know.  Car needed new brakes, daughter needed new bike.  Bike needed to be assembled by mechanically incompetent mother.  Child needed to be scraped off road.  Kidding.

Home schooling starts next week.  Last year was fluffy kindergarten.  This year, it’s the real deal with a Classical Curriculum.  Holy cow.  Gonna  be interesting.  Discipline, my lifelong enemy (well not really my enemy, we’ve just never really been properly introduced) shall become my closest friend.  I hope.